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July 3, 2021 Archives

The Central Information Commission Issued a Strict Warning to the CPIO for Denying the Information Without Proper Justification.

The Central Information Commission on June 26th decided on a case where the CPIO denied giving the information under some section which was later found inapplicable by the commission. The commission further directed the CPIO to establish a proper foundation as to why the information was not supplied to the appellant. 

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The Central Information Commission Directed the CPIO To Furnish a Reply to the Appellant and To Maintain Jurisdiction Regarding the RTI Act

The Central Information Commission on June 25th decided on a case where the appellant was denied from receiving the information about third parties and the reason given by the CPIO was that he cannot ask for information about that organisation where he was working. The court further pronounced this claim of CPIO irrelevant and ordered the CPIO to reply within a set time limit. 

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