Kerala High Court

Kerala HC Sets Aside Rejection of Nativity Certificate; Says Place of Birth Is Not the Sole Criterion to Ascertain Nativity

The Kerala High Court stated that place of birth cannot be treated as the sole criterion to determine a person’s nativity. According to the Court, social belongingness should also be considered.

Kerala HC Rejects Plea Against Road Widening; Says God Will Forgive Us if Religious Institutions Are Affected by Road Development Projects

According to the Kerala High Court, the petitions had raised no valid point which proved mala-fide intentions or illegality on the part of the respondents.

Doctors Can Conduct Medical Examination on Accused if There Are Indications or Complaints of Custodial Torture: Kerala HC

The Kerala High Court held that medical examinations can be conducted by medical practitioners if they suspect that internal injuries have been inflicted on accused persons as a result of custodial torture.

SC Upholds Kerala HC’s Judgment in Kerala Assembly Case; Says Privilege and Immunity Are Not a Gateway for Exemption From Criminal Law

The Hon’ble Supreme Court upheld the Kerala High Court’s decision in upholding the dismissal of permission which was sought by the Public Prosecutor in the Kerala Assembly case and held that vandalism of property cannot be equated to freedom of speech in the House.

Police Protection Can Be Provided Only if Sister Lucy Vacates the Convent: Kerala HC

In the petition in which Sister Lucy had argued her case as party-in-person and had challenged her eviction from her convent, the Kerala High Court held that it would not look into her right to continue in the convent. Additionally, the Court stated that police protection can only be provided outside the convent.

Kerala HC Seeks Response From Govt Regarding Its Decision to Not Award Grace to SSLC and Plus Two Students

After petitions were filed by aggrieved students and the Kerala Students Union challenging the decision of the Government in changing its policy regarding grant of grace marks and deciding that grace marks would not be awarded to SSLC and Plus two students, the Kerala High Court sought a reply from the State Government regarding its grace marks policy.

Kerala HC to State Govt: Control Crowd Funding; Everyone Cannot Be Permitted to Raise Funds

The High Court issued directions to State Government to frame a policy to regulate crowdfunding to prevent the misuse of the funds being collected.

Kerala High Court Issues Notice to Government to Implement Dowry Prohibition Act

The Kerala High Court issued notice and directions to the State Government for the implementation of the Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961 and its rules to ensure effective eradication of the dowry system from the society.

Crowding at Public Places, Particularly at Liquor Shops Should Not Be Allowed: Kerala HC

The Kerala High Court, while passing an interim order, pertaining to overcrowding at liquor shops stated that ‘Health is more important than revenue.’

Student Denied Admission Into Science Stream Due to Inadequate Maths Score; Mother Files Petition: Kerala HC

A student was denied Science Stream by the school authorities by stating that her score in Maths was low even though the stream chosen by her did not include Maths in it. The Kerala High Court has directed CBSE to provide information on the same and has listed the matter for another day.

Private Medical College Fees To Be Neither Excessive Or Exploitative: Supreme Court

The case was filed with respect to the exorbitant fees that were being levied by the private medical colleges in the state of Kerala. The Kerala High Court had ordered the Admission and Fee Regulatory Committee that the audited sheets should be examined to see whether the management expenditure was excluded or not.

Aided School Teachers Cannot Contest In Elections: Kerala High Court

There were 5 writ petitions filed before the Kerala High Court with regard to Rule 56 of the Kerala Education Rules and Section 2 (IV) of the Legislative Assembly (Removal of Disqualifications) Act. These laws bestowed on the teachers of aided schools the power to contest in elections. These provisions were challenged on grounds of being violative of fundamental rights.

Police Case Against Woman Who Filed False Rape Complaint: Kerala High Court

The Court expressed its indignation by stating that “Based on a false complaint, a person is in jail for about 77 days. This Court cannot shut its eye in such situations.”

Kerala HC Stays Government Order For Deferment Of Salaries Of State Government Employees: Says Salary Comes Within The Scope Of Article 300A

The Kerala HC held that government orders could not take away the vested right of a government employee to receive salary. The court ruled that salary could prima facie be considered as property and deferment of salaries would amount to a violation of Article 300A of the Constitution as the government order did not have sufficient legal backing.

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