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Theatre Owner Directed to Take Measures to Control Noise Level

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Unwanted loud sounds are a nuisance to public at large. In Bharat Shamrao Gajendragadkar v. Shri Theatre, decided on 22nd July this year, The National Green Tribunal gave a strict ruling concerning the same. Osmanabad Municipal Council’s failure to declare silence zone in the city proved to be a heavy price for it when the NGT said such inaction amounted to non-compliance with Bombay HC orders. A theatre located in a residential colony the city surrounded by a residential complex and hospital regularly increased sound level during item numbers to attract more people, much to the inconvenience of the residents. It was directed to install automatic sound amplifier system instead of manual system and erect a high rubber cladding towards the residential colony to encase the noise sources. These directions came after a person alleged disturbing noise levels due to the theatre in the area disturbing public peace and public welfare.

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