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Single Judge’s order directing blocking of 73 pirate websites, restored

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Delhi high court, division bench, in its recent judgement in Department of Electronics & Information Technology v.  Star India Pvt. Ltd., upheld the decision given by single judge for blocking of 73 pirate websites. The high court also directed the Government of India and the Department of Electronics and Information Technology to ensure compliance with the orders.

Star India, the respondents had prayed for an injunction against the 73 websites and Single Judge had issued the interim relief. The defendants appealed stating that the sweep of the order was too wide and only URL should be blocked.

High Court observed that these websites were indulging in piracy and thus blocking these websites were justified because blocking a URL may not be sufficient as URL can be changed very easily. The Court also held that it is the duty of the Government, its instrumentalities and agencies to enforce the orders passed by the courts.

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