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Tribal Women Can Inherit Property as Per Hindu Succession Act, 1956 Himachal Pradesh High Court

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Case Law: Bahadur v. Bratiya, 2015 SCC OnLine HP 1555,

In a landmark judgment, single bench of Rajiv Sharma J., while dealing with an important issue of inheritance of property by daughters in the tribal areas in Himachal Pradesh, held that daughters in the tribal areas in the State of Himachal Pradesh shall inherit the property in accordance with the Hindu Succession Act, 1956 and not as per customs and usages in order to prevent the women from social injustice and prevention of all forms of exploitation.

The Court also observed that the women have to be advanced socially and economically to bestow upon them dignity, especially the daughters in a society, who are Hindu, cannot be left and segregated from main stream. Adding further, the Court said that “they are entitled to equal share in the property.

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