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Telangana HC Allows the Withdrawal of the Petition From Civil Judge to Family Court

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The Telangana High Court gave its order on Smt. Chenagala Harathi v. Sri Chengala Satyaiah on 1 June 2020. It directed the withdrawal of petition from the file of a Senior Civil Judge. Consequently, the court directed its transfer to the file of a Family Court Judge in Ranga Reddy District, L.B. Nagar. 

Brief of the Facts

A husband and wife are the respondent and petitioner respectively in this case. They performed their marriage on 06.05.2001. This took place at Rajendranagar, Ranga Reddy District. The husband filed for a divorce before the Senior Civil Judge, at Mahaboobnagar. He filed it under Section 13(1)(ia)(ib) of the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955. However, his wife stays at Rajendranagar.

In this case, the petitioner prayed to withdraw the case from the file of the Senior Civil Judge. She prayed to transfer the same to the file of Judge of the Family Court at Ranga Reddy District in L.B.Nagar. This was to ease her process of attaining justice. 

The Contention of the Petitioner   

The counsel for the petitioner contends that the respondent has filed a divorce petition with the Senior Civil Judge at Mahaboobnagar. However, the petitioner stays in Rajendranagar, Ranga Reddy District. They have had three children who are aged 16, 13 and 11 years, who currently reside with their mother.

The distance between Rajendranagar and Mahaboobnagar is about 120 kilometres. Accordingly, she submitted that it is difficult for her to reach the court in Mahaboobnagar. Therefore, she sought to withdraw the petition from the file of Senior Civil Judge at Mahaboobnagar. The learned counsel further contended that the petitioner seeks to transfer her petition. The transfer would be to the file of Judge, Family Court at Ranga Reddy District at L.B.Nagar. This arrangement would be much more convenient for her. 

The Contention of the Respondent 

The learned counsel for the respondent contended that the petitioner mentally-harassed the respondent. Annoyed with the petitioner, the respondent filed the divorce petition. In addition to this, the respondent claimed that granting relief to the petitioner should not take place. There is an absence of any justifiable grounds. Therefore, any ground to transfer the petition to another court does not arise. 

Observation of the Court 

The Court observed that the petitioner has three minor children, who are now pursuing their studies. She has to travel from Rajendra Nagar to Mahaboobnagar to attend the proceedings. As a result, the petitioner has to either travel along with the minor children or leave them at home. In both circumstances, it causes trouble and hardship to her.

In light of this, the Court interpreted the amended Section 19(iii)(a) of the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955. This Section gives special preference to the wife to file a petition and prosecute the same. She can file it before the Court within whose jurisdiction she resides. The petitioner/wife is residing at Rajendranagar. Hence, the Court finds that the reason is strong enough for granting the relief claimed by her in this case. The purpose of this was for trial and disposal.

The Decision of the Court

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