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How Can Students Test Plagiarism Percentage of Their Research Paper?

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Plagiarism is a serious problem for students, especially those who are writing research papers and other academic write-ups. If the work of students is found to have plagiarism in it, then it can raise many issues. For example, a research paper that has plagiarism in it can be rejected and, in some cases, disciplinary action is also taken.

In severe cases, plagiarism in a research paper can result in expulsion from the institute. If the paper was already published and later found to have been plagiarized, then any benefits or merits awarded for it are withdrawn including degrees.

And the ultimate kicker is that plagiarism can occur without the student’s knowledge. And that is really scary. So, the question arises here How can students try to avoid plagiarism before research papers for final submission? The answer is to detect it and remove it. We will teach you how to do that now.

How to Detect the Percentage of Plagiarism in Research Papers?

Detecting plagiarism in a digitally written work can only be done via one method. That does not mean there aren’t other methods, it is just that the one we are going to discuss is the most dependable. And that is to use a plagiarism detection tool.

A plagiarism detector is a tool that can compare research papers against millions of web pages to see if the content has been copied from anywhere. They can do that in just a minute or two. Their results are also reliable due to the sheer number of sources they check.

So, let’s waste not any further seconds and discover the steps that will be required to follow to find out the percentage of plagiarism present in research papers.

1.     Find a Suitable Plagiarism Checker

The first thing you need to do is to find a good plagiarism checker. This is easy to do. All you need to do is conduct a Google search with a good keyword. You can search for terms like plagiarism checker, plagiarism detector, or even check plagiarism online.

Multiple results will show up, and you can pick out one of the top 10 results. That’s because they are usually the best. Once you have selected one, you will need to input your research paper into it.

How Can Students Test Plagiarism Percentage of Their Research Paper?

2.     Input Your Research Paper Content

Now you need to input your content into the tool. The most obvious and easiest way is to copy and paste your paper into the tool. But that poses some problems. If you are using a free tool, chances are the length of your paper exceeds the word limit.

In that case, you will have to either find a new tool or buy the premium version of your chosen plagiarism checker online.Most free plagiarism checkers let you check around 1,000 words max, but this limit can be bumped up to 20,000 or higher with premium packages. So, look into that carefully.

Anyway, another method that you can use to input research paper content into a plagiarism checker online is to upload it. File uploading is more straightforward than copy-pasting when the research paper is quite long.

How Can Students Test Plagiarism Percentage of Their Research Paper?

You can see in the provided image that a button/icon for uploading is present in this particular tool. This kind of feature is almost always present in any plagiarism checker worth its salt.

3.     Get The Report And Check It

Finally, once you have inputted the content in the plagiarism checker, start the checking process. The process can take anywhere from a second to a few minutes (at most). Once the check is complete a report is generated instantaneously that shows the following information.

  • The degree of plagiarism
  • The degree of uniqueness
  • The sources that were plagiarized
  • The text that was copied from other sources.

How Can Students Test Plagiarism Percentage of Their Research Paper?

As you can see the very first thing that the report tells you is the degree of plagiarism in your research paper. Now papers have an upper limit of plagiarism, as long as your paper has less plagiarism than that you are fine.

And if there is more plagiarism, then you can just add the links of the sources as references and cite them. This will ensure that you provide credit to the original authors and your work will not be considered plagiarized.

The exact percentage of the plagiarism upper limit depends on your publisher, institute, and supervisor. So, learn about it and then check whether your research paper meets the standards or not.


And that’s how students can test the plagiarism percentage of their research paper with a plagiarism checker online. All they need to do is go online, find a tool, input their content, and peruse the report. The report contains all the information they require including the plagiarism percentage.

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