Vaishnavi Mishra

UK Offers Citizenship to 3 Million Hong Kong Residents: Is It Similar to the Disputed Indian Citizenship Law?

 The UK, on 30th June 2020, announced that it would offer citizenship to 3 million Hong Kong residents. This move came as a result of the new security law passed by Chinese authorities. This law severely harms the autonomy and freedom of...

NCERT to Revise Curriculum After 15 Years

The Human Resource and Development Ministry recently made an announcement. They said that NCERT will change school textbooks. The Ministry launched a new National Curriculum Framework (NCF) for school education. This will serve as a road-map for NCERT for...

How Will the Indo-Nepal Border Dispute Be Resolved?

The Nepalese Parliament, on June 14th, 2020, unanimously passed the Constitution Amendment Bill. This Bill revised the map of Nepal. The new map also claims parts of Indian territory as Nepalese. These include the regions of Lipulekh, Kala Paani...

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