Riya Jain

Bombay HC: Discrepancies In Statement by Victim In Cases of Sexual Assault Result In Unreliable Evidence

The Court concluded that due to contradiction and discrepancies in the statement of the victim’s statement shows various infirmities in the evidence, and hence during such incidents the statement will be considered unreliable.

Bombay HC Sets Aside Criminal Liability Saying that There Was No Intention of Marriage From Inception

The application filed under Section 482 of Cr. P.C challenged the veracity and validity of the FIR lodged on 23.03.2014 at the police station, with the allegation of forcible sexual intercourse on the part of Applicant No.1, alleged by...

Madhya Pradesh HC Reiterates Guidelines Set by Apex Court for Bail Conditions During COVID-19

The Applicant was arrested on 02.09.2020 for the commission of the offence under Section 49(d) of MP Excise Act and therefore he applied for grant of bail under Sec 439 of Cr. P.C Brief Facts The Applicant possessed 5 litres of...

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