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Hong Kong High Court Rules for Independent Mechanisms To Be Set up To Deal With Complaints Against Police Officers

The present suit was brought by a journalist association because of the police brutality that the protestors faced in the protests against the China extradition bill. The protests led to many arrests and violations which caused widespread concern about the mechanism used to resolve such complaints.  Background  Major public order

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European Union Filed Charges Against Amazon Under Anti-Trust Laws

The European Union opened a twofold investigation on Amazon and its business activities, in the European Economic Zone. It has clearly conveyed to the public that the statement of objection or the opening of the investigation, just not show a predetermined stance in the union, but Amazon will receive all

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Supreme Court of Guinea Declared Two Time President of Guinea as Winner of Elections for Third Time 

Background Conde is Guinea’s first and only democratically elected president. Conde, the country’s current president finished two terms in office and campaigned to change the constitution, in order to circumvent the two-term limit that the constitution prescribes. Earlier this year, protests erupted all over the country regarding the arbitrary attempts.

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Lawsuit Filed Against Uber for Discriminatory “Star Rating System”

The lawsuit was bought in the District Court of North California against Uber. The plaintiff claims class-action status on behalf of all the minority Uber drivers who have been terminated due to the Star system.  Background The Class Action was bought against Plaintiff Thomas Liu against Uber Technologies, Inc. The

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