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Liberty of Person in Custody Is Important and Shall Not Be Deprived of Access to Justice: Kerala High Court

The division bench of Kerala High Court ordered the Chief judicial Magistrate to take up the case and consider granting bail to the protesters who were detained by the police. This verdict was delivered in the case of Sayed Mohammed Koya v. Administrator, Union Territory of Lakshadweep, by the 2-judge bench of Honourable justice A. Muhamed Mostaque and Honourable justice Kauser Edppagath, on the 1st day of June 2021. 

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State Government Is Not Vested With Powers To Treat Minorities Unequally: Kerala High Court

On the 28th day of May 2021, the division bench of Kerala High court quashed an order passed by the state government providing 80% reservation in scholarships to the Muslim community and 20% to the Latin Catholic Christians and converted Christian community. This verdict came out in the case of Justine Pallivathukkal v. State of Kerala and Ors. The matter was a civil Writ Petition filed in the public interest and heard by the 2-judge bench of the Honourable Chief Justice M. Manikumar and Honourable justice Shaji P. Chaly.

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Being a Court of Record, High Court Can Review Its Own Judgment Under Article 226 of Indian Constitution: High Court of Kerala

On the 28th day of May 2021, the Kerala High Court heard the writ appeal against the order of allowing a review petition by a single judge. The appellants/original petitioner filed an appeal aggrieved by the order dated 17th February 2020 by the single judge and challenging the validity of allowing the review petition. The instant writ appeal was heard by the 2-judge bench comprising the Honorable Chief justice S. Manikumar and Honorable Justice Shaji P. Chaly.

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