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Requirement as to Notices Under Cochin Christian Civil Marriage Act Can Be Waived on Equitable Grounds and Peculiar Circumstances: Kerala High Court

On the 3rd day of June 2021, a writ petition was filed by an Indian citizen and another being the citizen of the United States (U.S.). The civil writ petition sought the direction of the court towards Respondents for solemnizing the marriage between them. The petition was filed in the Honourable High Court of Kerala and was heard by the learned single judge, i.e., Honourable Justice N. Nagaresh. 

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Compassionate Approach May Be Considered Due to Ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic: Kerala High Court

 On 4th June 2021, the Honourable High Court of Kerala heard a civil Writ Petition. The Petitioners prayed for providing an extension in the time by the Respondents, i.e., Bank, for clearing the liability and delay any recovery proceedings that can be initiated. The case was argued before the learned single judge bench, before Honourable Justice N. Nagaresh. 

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Consider Recording Full Name of Vaccine and Passport Number, Kerala High Court Orders to Union of India

The Honourable Kerala High on Wednesday i.e., on the 2nd day of June 2021, gave a 15-day deadline to consider the inclusion of passport number and the full name of the vaccine as the countries look up to it as an essential. This instruction to the central government came out in the case Rahim Pattarkadavan v. Union of India, delivered by the 2-judge bench comprising Honourable Justice A. Muhamed Mustaque and Honourable Justice Kauser Edappagath. 

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