Adv. Gaurav Mahajan

Emergent Effect of New Consumer Protection Act 2019 on ‘E-Commerce’ Business

Introduction ‘E-commerce’ or ‘Electronic Commerce’ in general parlance deals with the buying & selling of goods, products, and services using the internet or internet-based mediums or online transactions. Over the years, the E-Commerce industry or business has established a very...

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Corporate, Commercial, IP & Tech Attorney Gaurav Mahajan holds extensive experience in Corporate laws, Commercial laws, IP & Technology laws, Banking & Securitization laws, Dispute Resolution & Arbitration laws, Money Laundering, IBC and General litigation. Gaurav has worked and advised clients on a diverse set of matters the said laws and regularly represents clients before the Supreme Court of India, various High Courts, trial courts and tribunals across the country.
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Implications in Travel Insurance in Light of the COVID-19 Crisis

As the world, today is crippled by this once in a century pandemic and as of date more than...
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Second-Round Effects of Rent Control Laws: The Argentine Case

Introduction In colonial India, a city had an issue with its cobra population, which was a problem clearly in need of a quick solution given...

Withdrawal of Judges in light of the Principle of “Nemo Judex In Causa Sua”: An Analysis

"Justice, and the arrival of that justice being delivered, is essential to the protection of the guideline of thumb of law. Justice implies - consistency, in technique and result — that is, treating like instances alike;...

Violation of Executive Instructions Cannot Be Sole Ground to Invalidate Transfer Orders: Tripura High Court

In Dr Bithika Choudhury vs the State of Tripura & Ors., a Division Bench consisting of Hon’ble Justice S. Talapatra and Hon’ble Justice S.G. Chattopadhyay...

Case Regarding Anticipatory Bail, Applicant May Be Released Imposing Suitable Conditions: Gujarat High Court

A Single-Judge Bench of Gujarat High Court consisting of Honourable Dr Justice A.P. Thakur had been hearing submissions of the Applicant to release him...