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Adv. Gaurav Mahajan

Gaurav Mahajan holds extensive experience in Corporate laws, Commercial laws, IP & Technology laws, Banking & Securitization laws, Dispute Resolution & Arbitration laws, Money Laundering, IBC and General litigation. Gaurav has worked and advised clients on a diverse set of matters the said laws and regularly represents clients before the Supreme Court of India, various High Courts, trial courts and tribunals across the country.

Legal issues concerning unregulated use of Artificial Intelligence ‘AI’

Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) is not a new concept, rather it was named in the year 1956 by famous American computer scientist John McCarthy. Another famous American scientist Marvin Minsky defined AI as “the construction of computer programs that engage in tasks that are currently more satisfactorily performed by human beings

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Emergent Effect of New Consumer Protection Act 2019 on ‘E-Commerce’ Business

Introduction ‘E-commerce’ or ‘Electronic Commerce’ in general parlance deals with the buying & selling of goods, products, and services using the internet or internet-based mediums or online transactions. Over the years, the E-Commerce industry or business has established a very pivotal and versatile outcome in shaping our lives. E-commerce as

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