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Legal Analysis of Bombay High Court’s Order Against Release of Netflix’s ‘Betaal’

K.R. Shriram of the Bombay High Court recently passed an order refusing interim injunction to halt the worldwide release of Netflix series ‘Betaal’. Sameer Wadekar and Mahesh Goswami, filed a copyright infringement plea against Red Chilies Entertainment and Netflix....

Branding a Cause: TM Application For ‘Black Lives Matter’ And ‘I Can Breathe’ Falls Flat

From India’s ‘Simon Go Back’ to Suffragettes’ ‘Votes for Women’ to America’s anti war ‘Not in My Name’, slogans have always held the power to unite. The rallying cry ‘Black Lives Matter’ (BLM) has gained new momentum amidst the...

Bring a Stop to Police Brutality: Justice for Jayaraj, Bennix and a Million Others

The father and son kept bleeding, barely able to stand, the Magistrate came to his first-floor balcony, someone shouted 'Kovilpatti, remand'. Two days later, they were dead. The gruesome death of Jayaraj and Bennix has sent shockwaves across the...

Fake News During COVID-19: The Need Of Significant Actions And Legislations To Curb the Menace

For almost a quarter of year 2020, people stayed confined in their homes with little or no contact with the outside world. Social media activity has gone up many folds. News from all over the world is a click away...

USA vs. ICC: President Donald Trump Authorizes Sanctions Against ICC Employees

President Donald Trump authorized U.S. economic and travel sanctions against International Criminal Court (ICC) employees. This comes at the wake of an ICC investigation into whether Afghan/Taliban/American forces committed war crimes in Afghanistan.  Background  Afghanistan was elevated as a significant U.S....

Copyright Law: Fate of Online Education During and After COVID-19

While the world is trying to come out of the pit of a global lockdown, we have adapted to a new world of ‘6 feet distance’. Educational Institutes across the world have shifted to digital learning platforms. Online education involves distributing...

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Uttarakhand High Court Reduces Imprisonment Sentence to Sixteen Months Under Section 307, IPC

The present appeal was directed against the judgment and order dated 04.02.2021 passed by the Sessions Judge, Haldwani, Nainital in S.T. No.47 of 2018 in the High Court of Uttarakhand.
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Andhra Pradesh High Court Allows Writ Petition for Appointment of Vice-Chancellor at Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University in Accordance With Law

On 7.05.2021, the Andhra Pradesh High Court had heard the Writ Petition via Video Conferencing on the subject of issuing a Quo Warranto contending that the appointment of the Vice-Chancellor at Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University(JNTU) was void ab initio. The PIL was allowed by the court. 

Petition Before Andhra Pradesh High Court Points Out Irregularities Which Vitiate Fair and Free Elections To Various Divisions of Eluru Municipal Corporation

The writ petition made directing the respondents to rectify the errors and illegalities pointed out by the petitioners, before issuing a notification to conduct fair and free elections in Eluru Municipal Corporation without waiting for a copy of this order, as requested by the Learned Government Pleader for Municipal Administration, to proceed with the process of rectification of errors in Electoral Roll of Eluru Municipal Corporation.

Sikkim High Court: Vehicular Accident Victim Forced to settle for Lesser Compensation Than Initial Claim

Petitioner has filed a complaint claiming monetary compensation against the accident in which she was the victim. The High Court of Sikkim modified the claims and by the tribunals and finalized the amount at Rs. 8,30,059.43.

The High Court of Gauhati Acknowledges Problem in Appointment of Legal Officials

Introduction A writ petition has been filed by several petitioners upon the improper transfer of their posts as Additional Public Prosecutor to the respondents Facts of...