Deepti Malhotra

The New Education Policy – a Fix or a Miss?

Education in India has long-suffered with an underlying problem of skimpiness of good, competent, and translatable education that begins from the early years in school up to limited university and college seats, and that is too challenged by unimaginable...

About Me

Deepti Malhotra is an expert actively working in the field of Public Health, Intellectual Property (IP), Policy, and Technology Interface with expertise in the related fields of patents, biological diversity, protection of Plant Varieties and Farmers' Rights, and India's TKDL regime. Her focus and experience especially pertain to the fields of IP, Education, Policy, and Technologies ranging from Biotechnology, Agrotechnology, Artificial Intelligence, and Blockchain Technology with an experience of over ten years. An active contributor to journals, law magazines, books, and online portals on the subjects concerning the interface of technology, intellectual property, and the legal aspects and emerging challenges in policy with evolving and ever-changing technologies and society. She has a Ph.D. and a Post-doctorate (from the U.S.A., and Sweden), a patent agent registration, and is acutely invested in the active pursuit of learning and knowledge and thus, simultaneously pursuing a Law degree (LL.B.) from the Law College I of the Faculty of Law at the University of Delhi.
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