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Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace

Abstract- Workplace harassment is among of the highest prevalent offenses involving Indian women but is also considered unlawful since it infringes on females’ basic human freedoms. When women speak out opposing unfairness, their opinions are occasionally heard, however oftentimes, they are drowned out by silence. The Sexual Harassment Act of

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L. Chandra Kumar v. Union of India

FACT OF THE CASE Article 323-A gave powers to the Parliament to give the foundation of tribunal just for public help matters of the Center, states, public participation, neighborhood bodies, and other public specialists. Under this article, the tribunal must be set up by the Parliament. In basic words, the

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United Nation Security Council: outcomes under the presidency of India (August 2021) and obstruction in the way of India to become a permanent member

The United Nations organization was established in the year 1945. Its immediate predecessor league of nation was created by the treaty of Versailles in 1919 which eventually got collapsed with World War II. United Nations organization got established on 24 October 1945 with the charter which states about its objective,

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ABSTRACT  “Independence of Judiciary” is the basic feature of the Indian constitution that guarantees the proper application of rule of law. One of the aspects of this Independence is the separation of power which is the key feature of the constitution and this means that other branches of the state

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The New Alternative Investment Funds Regulations From SEBI

 India, as a developing economy, is well prepared to receive investments. Moreover, many corporations have left China in search of alternative business investments due to public discontent over the Chinese government’s pandemic containment policies. As a result, it is fair to say that the pandemic has offered India a perfect

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Indian Rape Laws- Desolated and Vacuous in Disposition

Introduction Law is meant to protect people and keep them under the cape of justice irrespective of their gender but somewhere or the other sexism prevails and this cape of law has holes and voids. Gender biases have eaten up the main essence of Right to life and Liberty that

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Malicious Cookies and Their Legal Remedies

INTRODUCTION   You recently searched something on google after some time you see an ad related to it on Youtube. We usually are more involved in the content of webpages rather than its end user’s agreements and in a hurry, we tend to accept the pop-up that arises “Accept all

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Property Rights of Transgender Community in India

The transgender community in India faces many problems which include marriage problems, adoption, property, etc. After the judgment of the case, National legal service authority vs Union of India and The Transgender persons (protection of rights) act 2019, this act only talks about the Right of Residence but does not

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