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Is India Ready for Launching a 5G Network System?

Introduction: –  5G is the fifth generation technology standard for broadband cellular networks, which cellular phone companies started deploying worldwide in 2019 and is also considered to be planned successor to the 4G network system which provides better connectivity to most current cellular phones.    5G/ fifth generation is the

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Vehicle Scrappage Policy: A Plan With Wide Objectives

  Introduction Vehicles scrappage policy. India’s Voluntary Vehicle-Fleet Modernization Programme, popularly known as vehicle scrappage policy was recently launched by honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi at an investors summit in Gujarat. According to the PM, this new policy is going to promote a circular economy and will be boosting

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Money Laundering in India

Abstract- The term “money laundering” is usually attributed to a set of procedures involved in legalizing accumulated assets through potentially illegal means. In other words, it involves the transformation of illegal profits into seemingly legitimate assets, and sometimes into businesses that have been developed as a means of generating more

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2021 Overview On Cryptocurrency In India

Secured by Cryptography, Cryptocurrency is a digital currency, mostly based on blockchain technologies, that has been the talk of everyone for the last few years! Wei Dai is believed to be the founder of such a concept (during the year 1998), under the name of B-Money, further, till Satoshi Nakamoto

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ODR in Consumer Disputes and Challenges Involved

What types of dispute resolution techniques are involved in ODR? ODR or Online Dispute Resolution as the name suggests is the mode of resolution of disputes which includes resolving disputes through the use of technology and also different techniques including mediation arbitration and other online techniques which are used to

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Police Brutality in India

The term Police Brutality isn’t an uncommon term for the common folks in any country. Every country has tons of cases where the police exploit the power given to them for their selfishness or sick desires. The 2020 George Floyd case of the U.S.A. yet again proved on an international level

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