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Anu Bhuvanachandran

Anu Bhuvanchandra is the Partner at Outsay Legal, New Delhi, Advocate, Supreme Court of India. She is engaged in maritime litigation, consumer matters, and constitutional litigation. She is practicing IP filings, NCLT matters, policy-making, and mediation.

Know All About Social Stock Exchange (SSE)

Corporatization has boosted companies to grow and expand across the globe and paved the opportunity for a layman to buy shares of the company which are listed in the stock exchanges. As per records in 2020, there are only 20 million people in India are active share traders out of

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Continuing Scams in the Post Enactment of Companies Act 2013

The learning of company law starts with Salomon v. Salomon. Since the concept imbibes English origin, Indian history with regard to the formation of companies and governing laws always take the attention to English history and the famous South Sea Bubble case with its destructor Bubble Act 1720. History tells

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