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Central Information Commission States That CPIO Is Not Obliged to Respond to RTI Query Based on One’s Personal Opinion

Y.K Sinha, Chief Information Commissioner will decide the second appeal filed by the Appellant.

RTI Application Rejected as Pointwise Reply Had Already Been Provided: Information Commission

Y.K Sinha, Chief Information Commissioner will decide the Second Appeal filed by the Appellant.

Income Tax Appellate Tribunal Directs AO to Restrict Disallowance Under Section 14A of the Income Tax Act 1961

Since both appeals made are of the same nature, they will be heard and decided at the same time. Satbeer Singh Godara, Judicial Member and Laxmi Prasad Sahu, Accountant Member decided both the appeals of this case.

The Central Information Commission Directs the Pio To Provide Relevant Information

Heeralal Samariya, Information Commissioner will decide the Second Appeal filed by the Appellant.

The National Company Law Tribunal Dismisses Impugned Order Made on 17th March 2021

The Divisional Bench consisting of Justice Anant Bijay Singh and Justice Kanthi Narahari will decide whether there need to be any changes in the order passed on 17th March 2021. They will decide whether there needs to be changed in the prayer of the impugned order.

Chief Information Commission Dismisses Appellant’s Application Seeking Redressal for Grievances Faced by Him

Amita Pandove, Information Commissioner will decide the Second Appeal filed by the Appellant.

Chief Information Commission Directs CPIO To Provide Copy of Its Submissions to Appellant Within 15 Days

Facts The Appellant filed an RTI Application on 8th January 2018 asking the CPIO to provide a copy of the N.C.A.E.R about a Research Institution registered under Special Registration Act submitted in 1986, provide a true copy of N.C.A.E.R about...

CPIO Not Obliged To Justify Action to Citizen Under RTI Act: Chief Information Commission

Facts The Appellant had filed an RTI application to the CPIO, National Consumer Dispute Resolution Commission in New Delhi. The Appellant sought information about whether the authority letter for authorization to someone is valid, the rule under which the district...

Chief Information Commission Directs CPIO To Furnish Suitable Reply to Appellant Adherant to RTI Act

Facts  The Appellant filed an RTI Application on 30th October 2018. In the application, the Appellant sought information about the valuation certificate which was issued on 11th September 2017. The PIO or Assistant Commissioner transferred the application to the APIO/TPB...

National Board of Accreditation Is Not an Administrative Authority: Chief Information Commission

Saroj Punhani, Information Commissioner will decide whether the response provided by the CPIO is within the provisions of the RTI Act.

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Andhra Pradesh High Court Allows Writ Petition for Appointment of Vice-Chancellor at Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University in Accordance With Law

On 7.05.2021, the Andhra Pradesh High Court had heard the Writ Petition via Video Conferencing on the subject of issuing a Quo Warranto contending that the appointment of the Vice-Chancellor at Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University(JNTU) was void ab initio. The PIL was allowed by the court. 
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Petition Before Andhra Pradesh High Court Points Out Irregularities Which Vitiate Fair and Free Elections To Various Divisions of Eluru Municipal Corporation

The writ petition made directing the respondents to rectify the errors and illegalities pointed out by the petitioners, before issuing a notification to conduct fair and free elections in Eluru Municipal Corporation without waiting for a copy of this order, as requested by the Learned Government Pleader for Municipal Administration, to proceed with the process of rectification of errors in Electoral Roll of Eluru Municipal Corporation.

Sikkim High Court: Vehicular Accident Victim Forced to settle for Lesser Compensation Than Initial Claim

Petitioner has filed a complaint claiming monetary compensation against the accident in which she was the victim. The High Court of Sikkim modified the claims and by the tribunals and finalized the amount at Rs. 8,30,059.43.

The High Court of Gauhati Acknowledges Problem in Appointment of Legal Officials

Introduction A writ petition has been filed by several petitioners upon the improper transfer of their posts as Additional Public Prosecutor to the respondents Facts of...

High Court of Sikkim Cancels Appointment of Petitioner For Post of Civil Judge-Cum-Judicial Magistrate Due to Non-Disclosure of Criminal Case

Invoking the jurisdiction under Article 226 of the Constitution of India, the High Court of Sikkim cancelled the appointment of the Petitioner on the post of Civil Judge-cum-Judicial Magistrate due to non-disclosure of facts.