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UK Elections- An Underrated Wave

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I have always followed a principle in life. I never believe what the masses are telling me with regard to my incapability. At first, I try to give it a shot, then whatever the result is, I accept it with my head held high. By doing this, I get an inner satisfaction that I at least tried rather than listening to the masses and accepting my fate as decided by them. Mr. David Cameroon the newly elected prime minister has also done or swallowed the same thing. With such an astonishing victory, he has proved all the speculations against him as wrong.

Throwing some light on the title – all the political analysts and big shots [as we like to call them] had speculated that these elections will be a final nail in Mr. Cameroon’s political grave, making him politically secluded but despite all these false cries, he has turned this wave into a tsunami. With a thumping majority, he has proved everyone wrong and has shown that the British people still have faith in him for their country’s future. All such analysts were drowned in the wave which ultimately suffocated themselves – a fate they were busy foreseeing for Mr. Cameroon. Whether it is Ed Miliband, Nick Clegg or any other person for that matter, the results belied them all.

The Conservative and the Labour party are the two biggest national parties in the country since 1922 and have supplied the country with prime ministers from time to time. Polls predicted that in these elections, both of these parties will get 60-70% of the vote share and will be on a slippery line on forming a government, resulting in a hung parliament. New coalitions were being analyzed, the roles of the Scottish Nationalist Party and Liberal Democrats were considered to be of a king maker. The end of it rendered the polls all incorrect.

The Scottish National Party rose to new heights and with just 6 seats in the previous election it rose up to 56. For Liberal Democrats, these elections have turned to be a nightmare from 56 seats they are now left with only 8 seats in their pocket. While the two biggies of the country the Conservatives and the Labours have got 330 and 232 seats respectively in these elections.

Mr. Cameroon has achieved something which happens very rarely these days in British politics. He is the one to continue in office immediately and with a larger popular vote share since 1900. After the renowned Mrs. Margret Thatcher, he is the only prime minister to continue in office immediately with a full term and with a larger number of seats than the previous elections (the first one to do both since 1895). History has been made in these elections making all of us realize that it still very hard to predict which way the public will go or what really is going in the minds of the people.

Even more surprising are the talks that claim Mr. Cameroon to be the other Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu – the Israeli counterpart. While, the former has entered into his second term the latter one is starting his fourth. What is similar in both these cases is that polls failed to predict the level of support Mr. Cameroon and Mr. Netanyahu have from the public.

Numerous factors played a key role in delivering such a result in the United Kingdom such as a need for a stable government which can take firm decisions and can’t hide behind the back of pressurizing coalition, voters getting rid from playing the musical chair of government between Labour and Conservative. One major and surprising factor that has come on the surface is the support of the Indian origin voters towards Mr. Cameroon. In the post-result analysis, there’s a popular opinion that it’s a result of Mr. Narendra Modi’s increasing co-operation with Mr. Cameron’s government, on the other hand some are saying that this is because of Mr. Cameroon’s recent visits to Hindu pilgrim spots in the country and his stream of promises for the betterment of the community. The facts which are before us state that the majority of the voters from the community have voted in favor of Mr. Cameron. This also suggests that there might be some good signals for new-found relations between India and the United Kingdom.

These election results have filled the British people with high hopes as they have a prime minister with a majority. With such results in the elections there are many conjectures which are now very clear to see. There will be no stagnancy in taking decisions, coalitions can’t be blamed for lesser productive steps, raising up of accountability. The motto which has been followed in the country for hundreds of years that the ‘Sun never sets in the British Empire’ is now being believed to regain its integrity as it has faced a few hurdles in the past few years. Before the election results were out there was an environment of distress in the country, economic slowdown and other discouraging factors, which have now been relinquished with the results as there are high hopes from the newly elected PM.

Many factors are to be taken into consideration to check the functioning of the newly elected; the stands are to be made clear. The delivery of the promises will be the real achieving point for Mr. Cameron when the Britishers are assured that their votes were not in vain.

There are stands that will soon surface, like – UK’s inclusion in European Union, rejuvenating of the country’s economy, liberation of Scotland and lastly the various referendums which are being promised to be conducted and act upon. Mr. Cameroon has now the full authority to do what is best for the country.

The 56th Parliament in the country has been formed again with a prime minister but this time with a majority. Whether or not Mr. Cameroon will utilize this opportunity to maintain the credibility of his government, only times will tell.

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