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Nice Attacks- An Ideological Battle With ISIS

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The ideology underneath the Islamic State’s propaganda of rejecting peace as a matter of principle and rudimentary religious outlooks has not been understood in the appropriate manner, blatantly pointing towards the ignorance while countering with the cynical approach. The existence of such terrorist groups has been believed to be a result of the dystopian society where jihadists’ decisive attitude, having modern political concerns ought to bring about radical changes in the non-believers or exhorting the world to apocalypse. The principle promulgated by the Islamic State represents the Prophetic ideologies and undermining the holiness of Koran or the prophecies of Muhammed led to apostasy, the punishment for which is death. The IS has distorted the texts of Islam and ridiculed its sustainability through wilful ignorance.

The Nice Attack was a result of such gruesome principality appealing Islamophobic responses throughout the country-parts. Mohamed Bouhlel, distortedly believed to have links with the militant group, mowed through a crowd with a truck thereby killing 84 Bastille Day revellers. The analytics behind such massacre unfolded the military pressure faced by the terrorist group in Iraq and Syrian strongholds, in response to the operations of the country in Middle East. Furthermore, the country having Europe’s biggest Muslim population was known for religious and ethnic discord as it disallows religious practices in social sphere.

The conservative opposition in the country had criticised the government for its failure to restrain the attack despite the acquaintance that France is confronted with an ongoing war with the Islamic State. Though the Government while extending the state of emergency, defended the security services and responded that the country would not tolerate this attack on their values. The decision of calling the ‘operational reserve force’ for bringing relief to military personnel was praised as they were on the verge of exhaustion, considering the security apparatus during the Euro Cup 2016 and Tour de France.

The rise of the terrorist attacks delves upon the notion where a united front ought to be showcased by the terror-inflicted nations against the ‘identified’ enemy to launch a coordinated war. This struggle would not be against a bunch of militants in parts of Syria or Iraq, but against the very ideology which has taken emulation of principles propounded by Muhammad as strict duty and revived traditions besmirching the non-believers of Islam. The demographics of this community has been on uprising for the reasons of spreading their propaganda through online media luring young disciples who would then be radicalized to build a society of terror.

The belief amongst the community deciphers the strict adherence to principles enumerated and to pledge allegiance to the struggle for a unified brotherhood and that to die otherwise would be a death of disbelief. There are expressed desires to immigrate to the Islamic State for it to be the righteous government having policies reflecting God’s law. The Caliph implements the law and any sort of deviation from those who have pledged allegiance in manner supporting non-Muslim governments or practicing against the codified norms would be considered apostates.

The acknowledgement of God in their holy narrations is what makes them distinctive from other militant predecessors as having unblemished religious nature while carrying out its mission. The predictability of the group can be deduced from their actions intending to govern and expand through social media boasting about the ideological purity and sustenance of belief amongst the followers. The justification sought on the crucifixions and beheadings was provided under the laws of war on which the Islamic State operates in order to avoid the protracted conflict and thereby hastening victory.

The non-integration of the minorities and highly polarized society in Nice might have led to ignite the militant objectives to inflame tensions amongst the rich class and thwarting the Governmental policies to establish peace post the Paris aftermath. Despite Bouhlel been claimed by the terrorist organisation to be ‘soldier of Islam’, the police authorities are reluctant after investigations that it seemed more of a suicide attempt to look like an Islamist attack. The World leaders have expressed shock and outrage condemning the attack and to unite against the extremism of the barbaric group contradicting the principles of Islam.

Though the politics concerning the attacks could not be separated as the Presidential contenders in France refurbish their anti-terrorism credentials by highly criticizing the Government for lack of security measures and further suggesting the stripping of French nationality of the immigrants. The leaders instead of making efforts to resolve the issue were seen making blatant statements, blaming the state for its failure in protecting its country. Others believe that Shariah being incompatible with the Western Civilization has to be carried out by deporting every person who belongs from a Muslim background. This notion adopted by the political entities have made it more distinctive that the ignorance still prevails while dealing with the issue as this battle is against an ideology.

The international system governs the principle of wilful acceptance of other state’s sovereignty to which the Islamic State openly resists as for them, it would only result in ideological suicide, even though other Muslim groups have adapted themselves to the democratic structure and capitulated to community of nation countries. The intentions of the terrorist organisation were not known to the terror-stricken nations otherwise the Iraq-Syrian borders would have been sorted resulting in evasion of the intensified propaganda.

The resort to proxy warfare though has not any immediate results but it may aid the Islamic States to expand. The principality governing the ideologies of the Islamic State ensures that no country would be able to support its cause or rather be an ally which insignificantly restricts their conquests over uninhabited land. This religious group with considered beliefs has strategized its actions in a manner which would devastate the methodology of organisations formed for maintaining peaceful structures. The theological concept of the Islamic State revolves around the rationale given in the Holy Scripture delving upon the basic structure of leading life and those disbelievers who questions the existence of such aspect are considered to be the enemy, in need of transformation.

The intellect perpetuating the eternality of the true nature of struggle for attainment of territory where people from different horizons having one belief would sustain has been contemplated as virtues with obedience and order with apparent delight to exist. Their fundamental notion depends on the theory that non-believers ought not to suggest to the Muslims as how to practice their religion suitably. They have prioritized purification of the practitioners for the religious observance so that it would not disrupt the rationale behind the struggle. They even believe that politicizing the conceptual framework would moreover hamper the interest and commitment to the societal obligation to which Muslims as a community are bound.

The horrifying incidents taking place under the garb of unmistakable will of God have to be condemned by the righteous self for devolving the atrocities on ignorant crowds. The Nation countries as a whole ought to put a united front to the terrorist activities for disempowering the militant forces so that another attack devastating the humanity shall not occur. This would happen only when the power struggle would be responded to not only by force but by conquering the ideological battle we have engaged ourselves in with the Islamic States.

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