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Allahabad High Court Declares That the Contents of FB Post Against Smriti Irani May Promote Ill-Will/Hatred Between Different Communities and Thereby Denies Pre-Arrest Bail to the Professor

In the present case, the Allahabad High Court refused to grant anticipatory bail to the Applicant, Dr Shaharyar Ali, a senior teacher in a college and a Head of Department. The Applicant was accused of posting an objectionable and obscene post on his Facebook ID regarding Smriti Zubin Irani, Union Cabinet Minister of Textiles & Women and Child Development. Further, via observing the circumstances of the case, the Court declared that the contents of the post were indeed such which may, in fact, promote or in all likelihood of promoting ill-will or hatred between different communities. The Bench of Justice J. J. Munir further said that the conduct of this kind prima facie does not entitle the Applicant to the indulgence of Pre-arrest Bail

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Punjab and Haryana High Court Raps the Police Officials in Bathinda Rape Case for Constituting a Whole Male Members’ SIT Team

In the present case, a petition was filed by a 38-year-old widow accusing the Crime Investigating Agency (CIA) officials of coercing her into giving sexual favours. Further, the Bench of Justice Arun Monga stated that the allegations and factual averments contained in the present petition were so grisly and frightful, that one can only hope that the facts were only fictitious. Moreover, if these assertions are proved authentic then it can be indicated that the protectors of law have turned into predators.  Further, the Court pulled the police officials for constituting a male member SIT team in such a heinous crime. Accordingly directed the DCP of Punjab Police to form a new three-member all-women SIT (Special Investigation Team) to probe into the rape allegations so levelled. 

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Allahabad High Court Quashes the up-Government’s Order and Declares That the Right to Food Is a Fundamental Right and No One Should Die of Hunger

In this case, various petitions were filed before the Court challenging the UP Government’s order dated 7.07.2020. Responding to this, Justice AR Masoodi held that granting preference to “self-help groups” in allotment of fair price shops was unconstitutional and ultra vires the provisions of the National Food Security Act and UP Panchayati Raj Act. Further, the Court said that the right to food is a fundamental right and no one should die of hunger.

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