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May 1, 2021 Archives

Right to Protest in India

Introduction As of late the papers and news channels are overflowed with information on ranchers challenging the Ranchers charge 2020 and walking towards the capital

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Jammu and Kashmir High Court Direct Reconsideration of the Land Dispute Matter on Account of the Neglect of the Fundamental Issue

In the present case, the petitioner filed a suit for declaration with consequential relief of partition and possession. In addition, an application for interim relief against the respondents was filed in respect to land that was claimed to be joint and un-partitioned property. The Court allowed the petition and directed the lower court to reconsider the matter. 

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Delhi High Court Says Remdesivir Should Be Made Available Not Merely To Hospitalized Patients but Even to Those Who May Be in Home Isolation

A petition was presented by an advocate practising in Delhi who is suffering from COVID-19. In this petition, he demanded to be provided with Remdesivir injection which has been prescribed to him. Moreover, the Court also observed certain issues regarding the acute shortage of the said drug and ruled that it should be made available not merely to the hospitalized patients but also to the patients who are in home isolation. 

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Andhra Pradesh High Court Says That Before Exhausting the Remedy Available Under Rule 35(A) Of the APMMC, The Writ Petition Cannot Be Filed Before the Court

A single-judge bench consisting of Honorable Justice Battu Devananda gave orders on the writ petition no. 9035 of 2021. The writ petition was filed against the demand notice no. 4352/Q/2009 issued by Respondent no. 3 (The deputy director of mines and geology) demanding to pay a sum of Rs. 83,12,130 towards the normal seigniorage fees, a penalty of Rs. 8,17,23,150, DMF of Rs. 24,93,639 and the merit of Rs. 1,66,243, for unauthorized excavation and transportation of road metal and building stone without obtaining the dispatch permits.

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