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Fetus Suffering From Anencephaly, Woman’s Plea To Terminate 28-Weeks Pregnancy Allowed by Delhi HC

Based on the report of the medical board constituted by AIIMS, the Delhi High Court on Monday allowed a petition filed by a woman seeking the termination of her 28-weeks pregnancy. They said in its report that the fetus suffered from anencephaly, a disorder where the skull bone is not developed and was thus incompatible with life, therefore her fetus can be aborted.

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Committee Appointed by SC To Solve Issues Regarding Farm Laws Consist of Members Who Backed Farm Laws Earlier

It was found that the committee formed by the Supreme Court, consisted of members who had a pro-farm laws stance in the past. The committee was set up by the Supreme Court Tuesday evening after it heard a number of petitions challenging the farm laws. The Committee was set up to hear the farmer’s grievances relating to farm laws and was open to all opinions to make a decision.

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The Transition Tradition in USA

Trump is still involved in legal challenges regarding elections after Biden is formally elected President by the electoral college on December 14th. Introduction The world

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