Toolkit Case

[Toolkit Case] Disha Ravi Granted Bail Considering Sketchy Evidence by Delhi Court

The main contention that was raised was with respect to evidence that linked the violence on January 26th to the toolkit which was shared. The prosecution claimed that the toolkit that was shared by Swedish climate change activist Great Thunberg was created by Disha Ravi and Ravi had also attended Zoom meetings with members of the PJF.

[Toolkit Case] Disha Ravi Sent For One Day Police Custody By Delhi Court

The counsel appearing for Ravi, Sidharth Agarwal stated that “We all have different opinions. You may have a problem with farmers’ protest, I may not. If highlighting protest globally is sedition, I (Ravi) am better in jail. I (defence counsel) also support farmers. But if that’s an offence, let’s all go to jail.”

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