Libertatem Magazine

Fact Checking Policy

Libertatem Media Private Limited (hereinafter referred to as “Libertatem Magazine”/“The Magazine”/“We”/“Our”) recognizes the significance of accurate information provided to our readers. Our Fact-Checking Policy elucidates the steps taken by our organization for the dissemination of fair, reliable and accurate information.


Libertatem Magazine is an Online Legal News Platform working primarily in Courtroom News Reporting along with Legal, Political, and Economic News Stories. We also serve as a hub for Student Opportunities such as Call for Papers, Conferences, Moot, Internships, Job Openings and so forth.

Libertatem Magazine actively strives to eliminate any instances of misinformation through a strict fact-checking regime with a dual system that consists of reporters conducting a factual check guided by the Ethics Policy and the Editorial Team performing an added factual check through its Editors and Proofreaders. Since our aim is to combat any inaccurate or false information, our Editorial Team discharges careful and cautious scrutiny to the content published or to be published. We endeavour to consistently identify, review and take action on content that requires additional Fact-Checking.

100% Accurate Headlines

We strive for 100% accurate headlines and apply a rigorous vetting process to every news article on the site. Rumors and insider reports are identified accordingly to ensure distinction between confirmed information and industry buzz that is of interest to our readers.

Before any article is written, we ensure the information is new and accurate. We verify sources and always dig down to the original source (and reference material if applicable) before the writing process begins. Even if other media outlets report an unsubstantiated piece of news as official confirmation, we require 100% confirmation to claim it’s actually confirmation. We do not post clickbait. Our headlines might be bold – but we don’t throw out broad statements just to sound bold. It has to be accurate and fact-checked. Libertatem Magazine’s articles don’t just report the news, we provide industry-leading context that explains why that news is important to you.

Our reporters and editors report on stories/updates from the legal industry our readers (new and returning) love most.

Content Review

Our reporters strictly check their usage of words in Opinion-Based Articles or those taken from other sources (Orders/Judgements/Quotes etc.). We believe that words have the power to communicate information in a certain way, and hence our reporters are under a strict obligation to use words responsibly through accurate verification of the information received. This is aided through providing accurate information relating to the Court, Bench, Factual Matrix, Issues, Observations by the Court, and the Judgement in brief. We also maintain the practice of attaching the Judgement to all our posts if available. Our reporters and editors are also guided by our Ethics Policy that assist them in making well informed reporting.

Complaint Processing

When we receive any complaint pertaining to Fact-Checking on our website, we first contact our reporters, identify the sources of the claims and fetch details on the information they have referred to during their research and writing process. We also try to reach out to individuals or Organizations such as lawyers/ law firms etc. that have relevant experience and may assist us in corroborating the information published. We also conduct the review of literature used by the reporter to verify it with an authentic and existing literature on the subject at hand.

Our Editorial Team (Editors and Publishers) contributes to any additional research and/or changes to the writer’s work, depending upon the subject matter of the content. The final product of the post to be published will pass through the hands of our Proofreaders. Hence, any post deemed not up to our standards by our editors and/or proofreaders would be subject to further revision before publication.

Elimination or rectification of information

In case any published content requires a total/partial elimination or any rectification to the present content, our publishing team will make the changes accordingly upon the information provided. Any such information can be provided by the readers through commenting on our posts or reaching out to us on our email [email protected]. Once a post is established as inaccurate or false, it will be taken down from our website and all other social media platforms.

Repeat Offenders

If reporters are found to be disseminating false or inaccurate Information in bad faith, we will take strict action against them for the acts performed, which may include but not limited to non-furnishing of certificate and termination of their work.

Final Statement

We are strongly in favour of using unbiased information free from political bias in order to provide our readers with reliable and independent information. Our content on Political matters are strictly reviewed, and any Opinion-based content on the subject is mentioned in the post itself to alert our readers. We are committed to the independent and transparent circulation of information and are open to genuine and reasonable criticism and corrections.