Libertatem Magazine

Ethics Policy

Libertatem Media Private Limited (hereinafter referred to as “Libertatem Magazine”/“The Magazine”/“We”/“Our”) reflects the highest standard of ethical conduct through our carefully drafted Ethical Policy. Our policy is our testimony to an honest, transparent and open community that we hope to build. Our team makes a genuine effort in ensuring daily ethical conduct in our affairs and operations. Being an Online Legal & Political News Platform working primarily in Courtroom News Reporting along with Legal, Political, and Economic News Analysis stories, we believe that “Freedom of Speech & Expression” is of prime importance. We strive towards creating awareness amongst people relating to their rights through utmost fairness and honesty.

Our Ethics Policy is a strong value statement of our Code of Conduct not only in terms of conducting professional business but as our kosher effort in complying with the laws. Our Policy aims to explicitly define the ethical norms of The Magazine to guide our teams on the standard of practice and expectation of behaviour. We follow value-based ethical conduct in which our teams engage in self-regulation responsibly.

Summary Code of Ethics:

  • Promotion of ethical behaviour in our daily affairs and operations.
  • Acceptance of full responsibility and accountability of actions taken by us.
  • Assuring publication of quality content.
  • To exercise good faith and due care in the company’s professional dealings.
  • Ensure strict business and legal compliance.
  • Fair dealing with the stakeholders i.e. readers.
  • Honest, accurate, objective, transparent, relevant, timely and open dissemination of information.
  • Maintain confidentiality of information except when authorized or legally obligated to do so.
  • Ethical handling of an apparent or actual conflict of interest between professional and personal relationships.
  • Protect and promote ethical use of the company’s assets.
  • Termination or dismissal of staff in cases of unethical and improper behaviour.

Our Values

Dissemination of honest and accurate information.

Obtaining News

We obtain our news from Orders/Judgement/Reporters of the Court. Our mission is to deliver the details of the information in a fair, precise and accurate manner. Our posts cover the “entire” story without any favouritism to any one side. As reporters write keeping in mind the information presented, the Editors ensure to double-check the facts disseminated to the readers. This mechanism of self-regulation by reporters, and an added layer of editors ensure an effective system of check and balance.

Anonymous Source:

The Magazine displays the names of the reporters on the posts. Anonymity is the last resort, and will only be maintained to protect the identity of the reporter during a sensitive post/reporting.


Usage of Quotes by the reporters are genuine and done in good faith. The words of the sources, judges, or even the opinion of the author are clearly mentioned to alert and avoid any confusions amongst the readers. Quotes assist in exhibiting the true words of Individuals and are beneficial in understanding the matter being covered at hand.

Plagiarism and Originality

The Magazine is strictly against the act of plagiarism- using other’s work to falsely display as one’s own- and hence the verification of the source of information is crucial. The Magazine ensures that work being used is properly credited. Repeat offenders will be strictly be held accountable for their acts leading to even dismissal or termination.

Elimination or Rectification of Information

In case any published content requires a total/partial elimination or any rectification to the present content, our publishing team will make the changes accordingly upon the information provided. Any such information can be provided by the readers through commenting on our posts or reaching out to us on our email [email protected]. Once a post is established as inaccurate or false, it will be taken down from our website and all other social media platforms.


The tone and language of our content maintain fair and accurate writing displaying the honest motives of the sources.  We strive to make our sources clear to the readers for an unbiased and ethical read.

Conflict of Interest

The Magazine aims to eliminate any anticipation of an instance of conflict of interest. The teams are encouraged to fully disclose and disclose any matter that may lead to any conflict of interest.