Correction Policy

In journalism, mistakes can and do happen even after proper due diligence by the editorial team. At, we do not hesitate to acknowledge them and respond when brought to our notice.

Libertatem’s editorial team corrects errors as quickly as possible and with the highest levels of transparency. If the correction is straightforward, we make the correction and update the story within 24 hours of being pointed out. But, in case, if the correction involves the further investigation or reaching out to people for their reactions or experts for their opinions or comments, the correction may take up to 72 hours or even more. In the meantime, the story will be live on the website.

We value feedback from our readers, which can be posted in the comments section at the end of every story, video or post. A request for a correction or an update in a story can also be sent to [email protected]

We also monitor our presence on social media platforms and welcome feedback and criticism from our readers via any medium possible.

If there is a major correction or a substantive change that modifies the entire news story, it will be marked as “Correction” in the title/headline of the story, and we clearly indicate the change, with information on why the change was necessary. This provides a clear, transparent history to every correction.

If a new fact comes to light after a story is published, information that adds substantial new layers or angles but does not alter the story, it is marked as “Update” in the title/headline of the story. Corrections in typographical errors, misspellings, grammatical errors or minor changes which are not considered significant by editors are not usually noted.