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Bombay High Court: Adoption Deed Not Enough To Claim Custody of a Child

A writ of habeas corpus has been filed by the petitioners directing the respondents to hand over custody of the girl child to them.

Bombay High Court: Acquittal Ordered by Trial Court Justified

The acquittal ordered by the trial court in the murder case of Harish V. Talke has no error according to the Bombay High Court.

During Raid, Physical Presence of Accused Is Necessary To Hold Him Liable: Bombay High Court

A writ petition was filed by the Petitioner claiming that he was not present when the gaming house was raided. Due to the lack of connection between him and the premise, he prays that the FIR and charge-sheet be quashed.

No Punitive Action if Petitioners Participate in the Investigation: Bombay High Court

Excerpt Directorate-General of GST Intelligence, Mumbai, carried out a raid on the petitioner's premises against which the petitioner filed a writ petition. The Court held that the summons given to petitioners/petitioner No.2 on 12.10.2020 and 13.11.2020 is true in the...

MP High Court: The Collector Directed To Decide an Application on Land Disposal Within Two Months

The Madhya Pradesh High Court in a petition filed for no response on land disposal application directed the collector to decide it preferably within two months.

In Custody for Comedy Turned in To Crime : The Munnawar Faruqui Case

Excerpt- “There is prima facie evidence to suggest that the applicants had intended to outrage religious feelings “under the garb of standup comedy” while denying the bail application file by comedian Munnawar Faruqui, “Society’s coexistence must not be polluted by...

Should Vehicles be Left to Rust? : Gujarat High Court Verdict

Application is filed to release a vehicle that was seized by police under Articles 14, 19, 21, 226, 227 of the Constitution of India and Section 451 of the Criminal Procedure Code.

Madhya Pradesh HC: Inconsistency in FIR, Prosecutor’s Story Clubbed With No Evidence Causes the Alleged Rapist to Be Released on Bail.

Excerpt As the rape charge was levelled on a later stage and no injury to the body of the prosecutrix was found, the applicant was released on bail. Brief facts- The prosecution states that the prosecutrix- a widow was working in the...

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