Priyanshi Srivastava

Functioning of Artificial Intelligence In Light Of Intellectual Property Rights During COVID-19

Starting with what does the term AI signifies. It is a system where machines are incorporation with human intelligence. This intelligence is working using complex algorithms and different mathematical functions. AI uses three strategies comprise learning, reasoning, and self-correction. Therefore, no...

Environmental Disaster: Analysis of NGT’s Order In the Assam Oil Well Fire Incident

On the morning of May 27th, 2020, an Oil Well Located in Eastern Assam’s Tinsukia District witnessed a snuff out. It was due to the uncontrollable leakage of crude oil or gas from production. It took place due to...

Analysing Possible Alternatives For Interrupted Education Amidst COVID-19

Coronavirus pandemic has disturbed different divisions in India. Including oil and gas, cars, flight, farming, retail, and so on. We cannot disregard that a segment would stay unaffected by the emergency. The effect might be pretty much. The same...

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