Kritika Singh

A Comparative Analysis of Equality Principles in India and the U.S.A 

Introduction Real equality cannot be achieved among people as there are natural inequalities one is born with such as great innate athletic talent, beauty, etc. Hence some discrimination is legitimate even sometimes mandatory. For instance, a child born in a...

Relevance of Constitutional Theory in Present Times

According to Prof. Strauss, Constitutional Theory tries to draw upon bases of agreement that exist within a legal culture and to extend those agreed-upon principles to resolve more controversial issues. Widespread Agreement/Moral Agreement/Social agreements and Precedents helps to come...

Understanding ‘Upstream’ and ‘Downstream constraints’ in the making of Indian Constitution

The making of a Constitution is essentially making choices under constraints. Upstream constraints are imposed on the drafting body by the convening authority before it begins with its deliberations. The upstream part has two characteristics- the convening of the...

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