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Calcutta HC: Mandatory To Provide Pensionary Provident Fund After Superannuation Retirement 

The present case is about a complaint filed by the employees of the society about the embezzlement of funds from the Provident Fund account by the appellant.

State Government Has the Responsibility to Respond to Their People at the Earliest: Gauhati High Court

Case Excerpt This petition is for a directive from 07.05.2002 to the Respondents to install the RT-PCR equipment at Civil Hospital in Lunglei, which was granted to the Lunglei District Authorities on 26.06.2020, following a letter issued by the Director,...

Enforcement Directorate Can’t Appeal Under Section 26 of Prevention of Money Laundry Act, 2002: Calcutta High Court 

In the case in point of an appeal issued by the learned tribunal for prevention of money laundering Act, 2002, the appeal is directed against a decision dated 1 January 2021 stating, through the assistant director of the office of the Department of Execution of Kolkata, alleged to have been maintained according to Article 26 of the Prevention of money laundering Act 2002.

Long Term Plans Should Be Executed With Proper Guidance to Tackle COVID-19 Second Wave: Manipur High Court

Here, in PIL no. 26 the Learned Bench states that more importance should be given to long-term action plans to tackle the Covid-19 second wave.

No Individual Has the Authority To Change or Work for Any Party if the Individual Already Works in a Political Party: Manipur High Court...

Here, in Disqualification Case no 14, 2019, the current writ petition was submitted in the challenge of the Speaker's Orders on 18.06.2020 which eliminated the writ petitioner from the membership of the Manipur Legislative Assembly regarding Para 2 (1) (a) of the Tenth Schedule of the Constitution of India read with Article 191 (2) of the Constitution of India.

It Is Obligatory By Law That Every Employee of Any Field Must Get His Desired Scale of Pay: Orissa High Court

The candidates, who were petitioners nos. 1 to 3 in the writ appeal for example W.P.(C) No. 456 of 2013 recorded by the contrary party Purna Chandra Chand, have looked for review petition of the request dated 24.04.2013 passed by a learned Division Bench of this Court while discarding the writ appeal.

Unaided Private Educational Institutes Performs Social Responsibility Towards Public and Are Amenable to Writ Jurisdiction: Calcutta High Court

Here, the case is about whether The Army Public School is an unaided private institution that is controllable to the Court‘s writ jurisdiction under Article 226 of the Constitution of India?

Tehelka Former Editor Tarun Tejpal Acquitted in Rape Case by Bombay High Court, Goa Bench

Case: Tarun Jit Tejpal vs The State of Goa & Anr. Case Excerpt The District and Sessions Court in Goa, which is hearing the Tarun Tejpal sexual assault case, has been instructed by a Vacation Bench of the Bombay High Court.  Facts...

It Is Mandatory To Provide Pensionary Benefits if Employee Has More Than 10 Years of Experience: Calcutta High Court

The appeal arises from an order in W.P. No. 25001[w] of 11 September 2019 dated 31 July 2019. The learned Single Judge permitted the writing request by instructing the department of the government involved, within 6 months after the verdict, to take suitable procedures to issue the written petitioner's pension in line with the law.

It Is Mandatory For the Public To Follow the COVID-19 Protocols as They Are Responsible for Their Own Safety & Well Being: Manipur High...

A Public Interest Litigation has been filed regarding the measures taken by National Task Force and directing the State Government to take necessary steps to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic as the public is ignoring the Covid protocols.

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