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Patna High Court: Sunni Waqf Board Building Construction Near Hc Compound Halted

Introduction The Patna High Court's Full Bench halted the construction of a Bihar Sunni Waqf Board's Proposed Office adjacent to the High Court's new building, citing severe security issues for Judges, lawyers, litigants, workers, and security personnel. Facts The Court had previously...

Odisha High Court: Any Card Holder Adjudged as ‘Destitute’ and Given 5 Points in the Selection Process of Anganwadi Worker

Introduction The petitioner seeks to quash the order passed by the Additional District Magistrate in respect of selection as an Anganwadi worker. Facts Respondent no.3 issued an advertisement for the post of Anganwadi worker. In response to the advertisement, the petitioner applied...

Tax Imposed Is Based on the Nature of Products and the Category They Fall in: Tripura High Court

Excerpt The Petitioner has challenged the order of the Superintendent of taxes, Government of Tripura. The main dispute being that the tax is to be applied according to cosmetics or ayurvedic products imported to India. Brief Facts The Petitioner imported several items...

Earning Woman Granted Monetary Compensation Under Section 12 and Section 23 of the Domestic Violence Act: Tripura High Court

Excerpt The Petitioner filed a revision petition with the Court to stop the monetary compensation to be provided to the wife under Section 23 of the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005. But the documents provided by both...

Jharkhand High Court: Delay in Writ Petition Condoned on Grounds of Illiteracy

Introduction The Petition for quashing the dismissal order of JAP-5 (Jharkhand Armed Police) relating to the dismissal of the petitioner’s husband from service. Facts of the Case The petitioner’s husband was appointed as a constable in Jharkhand Armed Police. Later a case...

Calcutta High Court Utilises Clean Hands Doctrine To Deny Claim To Buyer in Default of Scheduled Payment

Introduction The Petitioner in the following case requested delivery of the machine from the Respondent as per the contract signed between the parties, which the Respondent was unable to provide. Facts of the Case The Petitioner entered into a contract with the...

Tripura High Court decides TRPC Pension Scheme Dispute

Some existing employees of Tripura Rehabilitation Plantation Corporation Limited filed a petition towards the Pension Scheme of TRPC Ltd. The Pension scheme was offered for some time and was withdrew after. And that benefited a handful of employees only.

Reference To Two Contracts in Single Letter Does Not Constitute Composite Contract: Calcutta High Court

This case concerns the issue of whether the two different contracts could be termed as a single composite contract because they are similar in nature and while deciding that Court said that it would not be said to be a composite contract.            

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