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Tenancy Dispute Held as a Sale of Business With License, Rent Act Not Applicable: Supreme Court

The Supreme Court heard and decided on an appeal against the judgment of Bombay High Court regarding a tenancy dispute. The current CJI gave the judgment on this appeal.

UGC Regulations Are Enough To Consider for Appointment of Principal in College: Delhi High Court

This Court heard and decided on a case holding two writ petitions regarding the post of Principal in Delhi College of Arts and Commerce.

Delhi High Court’s Views and Judgment on a Case of Solitary Trap Transactions

Excerpt The Delhi High Court heard and gave a judgment on an application in the suit filed for seeking an injunction restraining order for trademark infringement. The present case before this Court deals with the lack of territorial jurisdiction.    Issue of...

Supreme Court Sets Aside the High Court Order of Creating Supernumerary Post in Recruitment of Teachers

Excerpt The Supreme Court of India heard the present writ petition regarding the delay in recruitment of Government teachers in primary Schools. The fact of the case The petition dealt with the delay of 247 days in filing the SLP.  The Court...

Delhi High Court Issues Directions for Effective Takedown of Compromising Personal Content

The High Court heard the writ petition containing issues related to offending content being posted on a worldwide pornographic website. The Court passed directions to implement for protecting such offending content. The issue before the Court: When any party seeks...

Supreme Court Revises Timeline for High Court Appointments

In this writ petition, a three-judge Bench heard the learned counsel of Orissa High Court and discussed in detail the appointment of ad hoc Judges under Article 224A of the Constitution of India. The judgment in the present case...

Nothing In Arbitration Act Prevents Two Indian Companies From Seeking Neutral Foreign Award: Delhi High Court

The Court heard a civil matter related to arbitration outside India and foreign arbitrary awards related to it. The fact of the case The appellant in the present case is a company registered under the Companies Act, 1956 with its office...

Delhi High Court Appoints Court Receivers To Determine and Assess the Offering and Donations Puja

Excerpt The Petitioner in the present case has filed a suit against the respondent for not being able to exercise their rights in Mandir Shree Kalkaji. The Delhi High Court after hearing the case appointed the Receivers. Facts In one family being...

TVF Allowed To Broadcast on Multiple Platforms Due to Invalid Contract With MX Player: Delhi High Court

Excerpt The petitioner had filed an arbitration case before the Delhi High Court praying for an injunction restraining order to be passed from delivering content to platforms other than the petitioner’s and direct the respondent to refund the advance consideration...

Rohingyas Can Be Deported Only After Following Prescribed Procedure: Supreme Court

Author: Biyanka Bhattacharya (backdate to 11.01.2021) Excerpt The Supreme Court heard a PIL filed under Article 32 of the Constitution of India. The petitioners challenged the deportation of the Rohingya Muslims who are detained in Jammu as they took refuge in...

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Andhra Pradesh High Court Allows Writ Petition for Appointment of Vice-Chancellor at Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University in Accordance With Law

On 7.05.2021, the Andhra Pradesh High Court had heard the Writ Petition via Video Conferencing on the subject of issuing a Quo Warranto contending that the appointment of the Vice-Chancellor at Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University(JNTU) was void ab initio. The PIL was allowed by the court. 
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Petition Before Andhra Pradesh High Court Points Out Irregularities Which Vitiate Fair and Free Elections To Various Divisions of Eluru Municipal Corporation

The writ petition made directing the respondents to rectify the errors and illegalities pointed out by the petitioners, before issuing a notification to conduct fair and free elections in Eluru Municipal Corporation without waiting for a copy of this order, as requested by the Learned Government Pleader for Municipal Administration, to proceed with the process of rectification of errors in Electoral Roll of Eluru Municipal Corporation.

Sikkim High Court: Vehicular Accident Victim Forced to settle for Lesser Compensation Than Initial Claim

Petitioner has filed a complaint claiming monetary compensation against the accident in which she was the victim. The High Court of Sikkim modified the claims and by the tribunals and finalized the amount at Rs. 8,30,059.43.

The High Court of Gauhati Acknowledges Problem in Appointment of Legal Officials

Introduction A writ petition has been filed by several petitioners upon the improper transfer of their posts as Additional Public Prosecutor to the respondents Facts of...

High Court of Sikkim Cancels Appointment of Petitioner For Post of Civil Judge-Cum-Judicial Magistrate Due to Non-Disclosure of Criminal Case

Invoking the jurisdiction under Article 226 of the Constitution of India, the High Court of Sikkim cancelled the appointment of the Petitioner on the post of Civil Judge-cum-Judicial Magistrate due to non-disclosure of facts.