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Explained: Postal Ballot for NRIs

At the end of November 2020, Election Commission sent a proposal to the law ministry to amend the Representation of People’s Act, 1951. The letter goes on to demand amendments in the Conduct of Election Rules, 1961.  They claimed...

Why has the Government Stopped Scholarship Funding to Dalits?

At a time when the scholarship amount should be increased to reduce the effect of inflation, the government has stopped the Post Matric Scholarship scheme. This article discusses the said scheme, why it has been put at an halt and it’s effects on the Dalit community.

Why is the Amendment to the Kerala Police Act Controversial?

The Kerala state government amended the Kerala Police Act in order to prevent cyber-attacks against women and children, however this amendment is said to curtail freedom of speech and expression.

Explained: Selective Listing of the Cases in the Supreme Court of India

A letter from the President of Supreme Court Bar Council, Mr Dushyant Dave to the Chief Justice of India was sent on the Selective Listing of the Cases in the Supreme Court of India.

Explained: The Investor State Investment Disputes and the Indian Stance

Initially, India didn't have an open economy. But, it was in 1991 when the Indian government opened doors for the whole world. It was at that time; India implemented the policy of LPG. This transformed India into a global...

An Illummination of the Home Ministry’s Commission for Revision of Penal Laws

The Indian Penal Code was enacted in 1860. It was formed after the draft was created by the first law commission in 1837. Thomas Babington Macaulay was the chairman of that law commission. The idea was to create a uniform law...

Will Delhi Choke Again due to Stubble Burning?

Masks have been part of people living in Delhi-NCR for a long time now. Before COVID-19, there was air pollution for them. As soon as October starts, the mercury starts dropping in the National Capital Region (NCR). A white...

Is There an Urgent Need of Addressing the Plight of Young Children in India?

A report named "The State Of Young Child In India" was launched by Vice President Mr Venkaiah Naidu. This report was launched on 4th September 2020. A Delhi-based NGO, Mobile Creches published this report for the first time. This report focuses...

Legal Analysis on the Resolution Passed by Arunachal Pradesh for Inclusion of State in Sixth Schedule

The assembly of Arunachal Pradesh unanimously passed the resolution. This resolution was passed for inclusion in the sixth schedule. The Chief Minister, Pema Khandu said that inclusion under this section is necessary. This is meant to protect the tribal...

Should the Election Commission’s Idea of Remote Voting be Implemented?

Out of the 28 states and the 8 Union Territories, 7 of them have elections in 2020-2021. The whole world is currently going through a dangerous time due to COVID-19. Considering this, ECI is looking for an alternative method...

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Interview with Dr. Vijay Kumar Singh, Dean of School of Law, UPES Dehradun

Dr Vijay Kumar Singh is the Dean of the School of Law, University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun. He is known for his experience in the field and his will to never stop learning. His journey is quite interesting as he started off as a science student and with time discovered his passion for law. He has served as the Deputy Director in the Competition Commission and also as the Associate Professor and Head of Corporate Law at Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs. Dr. Singh was invited as the Member on the Editorial Board of Annual Journal on Competition Law and Policy of Competition Commission of India, SIPI Task Force and Academics Committee of INSOL India, to name a few. He also has written many research papers and has published his work in form of books. In this Interview, Dr Singh discusses his life as a student of law and how he utilizes his experience from those days to help the students of the University. He also discusses his experience of working at different places and provides advice on certain problems commonly faced by students of law.
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Police To Decide on the Entry of Farmers To Delhi on Republic Day Says Supreme Court

While the Supreme Court heard a plea seeking an injunction against the tractor rally that is scheduled for January 26th, it held that it is the decision of the Delhi Police officers to see whether the protesting farmers should get entry into Delhi on Republic Day.

[Sushant Singh Rajput Case]: Republic TV & Times Now Hindered Investigation Probe Says Bombay HC

In November last year, the Court had reserved its judgement on the PILs that came from 8 former police officers from Maharashtra, lawyers, activists and NGOs, seeking restraining orders against the media trial in the Sushant Singh Rajput case.

Women Advocates Move To Supreme Court Against the Delhi HC Orders on Resuming Physical Hearing

Another writ petition has been filed by women advocates in the Supreme Court against the decision of the Delhi HC of directing the expansion of physical hearing of cases within the National Capital Territory of Delhi without giving an option to litigants to be represented by their lawyers virtually.

Gujarat High Court Allows Report Filed by Official Liquidator for Dissolution of the Company

The present report had been filed by the Official Liquidator for the dissolution of M/s AtRo Limited under the provisions of Section 497 (6)...