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Secondary Evidence in Court Under Indian Evidence Act

Author Aryan Sharma gives us a brief breakdown of the standards of evidence in Indian courts.   According to Section 63 of the Indian Evidence Act 1872, secondary evidence is considered an inferior type of evidence. It implies that even after producing secondary evidence one needs to produce primary evidence

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Analysis of State v. Nanavati

Introduction  On 24 November 1961, the verdict in the K. M. Nanavati case was handed down but it’s still able to remain in people’s minds today. The details and circumstances of this case gained unprecedented public attention and have sparked dozens of novels, serials, and films. The accused, Nanavati, was

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Right to Education in India

Author Aryan Sharma gives us a brief overview of the RTE Law in India and its history. Introduction Education is the basis for the development and empowerment of every nation. Education is the most powerful weapon which can be used to change the world. Education has its function in all

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