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A Special Leave Petition Was Filed Before the Supreme Court Questioning the Freedom of Speech and Expression of Media and the Accountability of the...

The question of freedom of speech and expression of the media, the right to information of citizens, and the accountability of the judiciary to the nation arose before the Supreme Court. The authority of a judge to conduct judicial proceedings and to engage in a dialogue during the course of a hearing and the freedom of the media to report not just judgments but judicial proceedings also came up for discussion. 

High Court of Delhi Provides E-Mulaqats, Legal Aid, Tele-Calling and Vaccination Facilities to Inmates of Tihar Jail

An application was filed before the High Court of Delhi raising some issues in respect of inmates in Central Jail No. 6 i.e. Women’s Jail in Tihar. The issues raised were regarding Tele-calling facilities, Vaccination of inmates, E-Mulaqats, Monthly charges for Calling facilities, Computer Center and Legal Aid. 

Union of India and GNCTD Are Jointly Responsible For Healthcare Thus Cannot Be Caught up in Bureaucratic Delays: Delhi High Court

The High Court of Delhi has been recently dealing with various Writ Petitions concerning the reaction of the government regarding the COVID situation. On 01.05.2021, the court dealt with several such petitions. On being of Bhagat Chandra hospital raising several issues under Articles 21 and 47. 

Supreme Court Says States Power To Legislate “Any Backward Class of Citizens” Does Not Violate Basic Structure of Constitution of India

A constitutional bench has been constituted to consider questions relating to the contours and extent of special provisions for the advancement of socially and educationally backward classes (SEBC) among citizens as contemplated under Article 15(4). It also raises the question of reservation for the backward class under Article 16(4). Constitutional (102nd Amendment) Act, 2018 was also challenged.

Appeals Arise Before the Supreme Court Questioning Whether the Government of India Is Justified in Implementing the MACPS for Civilian Employees From 01.09.2008 and...

Excerpt Several appeals have been made before the Supreme Court questioning the stand of the Government of India in implementing the Modified Assured Career Progression Scheme (MACPS) for civilian employees of the Central Government and officers in All India Services,...

High Court of Delhi Hears Several Writ Petitions Regarding the Problems Faced in COVID-19

Several Writ Petitions were filed regarding the conditions prevailing concerning COVID-19. The High Court of Delhi on 30.04.2021 heard the said Petitions and laid down the necessary guidelines. Facts of the case Several Writ Petitions were filed before the court with...

Delhi High Court Says Remdesivir Should Be Made Available Not Merely To Hospitalized Patients but Even to Those Who May Be in Home Isolation

A petition was presented by an advocate practising in Delhi who is suffering from COVID-19. In this petition, he demanded to be provided with Remdesivir injection which has been prescribed to him. Moreover, the Court also observed certain issues regarding the acute shortage of the said drug and ruled that it should be made available not merely to the hospitalized patients but also to the patients who are in home isolation. 

No Request Was Made by Delhi High Court to Government of NCT, Delhi To Set Aside 100 Beds at Ashoka Hospital

The Government of NCT of Delhi issued an order on 25.04.2021 stating that at the request of the High Court of Delhi 100 beds were set aside at Ashoka Hospital. The High Court upon seeing news articles and media reports about the same inquired. 

Supreme Court Says Discrimination Caused by Intersecting Identities, Gender and Disability Amplifies Violence Against Certain Communities

An appeal was filed before the Supreme Court of India after  being aggrieved by the judgment of the High Court of Andhra Pradesh. The High Court affirmed the conviction of the Appellant for offenses punishable under Section 3(2)(v) of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act 1989 and Section 376(1) of the Indian Penal Code. In this case, the Supreme Court in detail points out the violence faced by the women based on gender, caste, disability, etc.

Delhi High Court Ordered That the GNCTD Should Make All Efforts for the Procurement of Cryogenic Tankers From Whatever Source Available and Look For...

Excerpt The Petitioner came before the High Court of Delhi expressing its dire need for oxygen on an immediate basis, since they have several patients in ICU, and their lives are at stake. Thus, the Court issued an order dated...

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