Aishik Chakraborty

Should the National Popular Register be a Priority Exercise of India?

National Population Register (NPR) is a list of “usual residents of the country”. A “usual resident of the country” is one who has been residing in a local area for at least the last six months, or intends to...

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Administration: A Boon or Bane for US-India Partnership?

Joe Biden, the speculative Democratic nominee for president, will place a very high priority on continuing to strengthen the US-India relationship and his administration will have zero tolerance for cross-border terrorism in South Asia, according to his campaign. Biden campaign...

What is the Rafale Aircraft Deal?

The 'Rafale aircraft deal' is one of the vital political insinuations levelled on the NDA government by opposition parties which deals with the purchase of 36 multi-role fighter aircraft. The aircraft were priced around 7.8 billion euros. The controversy...

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