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June 27, 2021 Archives

The Central Information Commission Directs the CPIO To Embellish a Reply to the Appellant and Be Vigilant With the Provisions of RTI Act

The central Information commission on the date June 22nd ,2021 decided on a case where an appellant was denied from receiving information and his RTI application was not accepted while referring it to as a third party. The commission further decided that the RTI application was not given proper attention rather it was taken very lightly . Later the commission directed the CPIO to reply within a set time limit and to be very cautious with the provisions of the RTI Act.

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The Central Information Commission Disposed of the Appeal and Directed the PIO To Submit a Reply

The Central Information Commission on June 21st, 2021 decided on a case where an RTI application was filed seeking information about the complaint filed against the practicing lawyers and violation of the Advocate’s Act, 1961. Here, the commission decided on the jurisdiction of the Bar Council which was raised by a respondent and, gave the decision accordingly. 

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The Central Information Commission Gave Cognition to the CPIO’s Reply, Cohering All the Necessary Sections of the RTI

The Central Information Commission decided on a case on 19th June 2021 where the Appellant filed for an answer related to the RTI Act. According to the CPIO, the reply was submitted to the appellant but the appellant was denying this. During the time of the hearing, the Appellant was not present and the CPIO submitted all the relevant information as evidence, so the court decided to dispose of the appeal and gave consideration to CPIO’s reply, and provided copies to the appellant.

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