Call for Blogs: iखावी on Contemporary Legal Issues: Submit by Aug 15

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About the Organization

Iखावी is a small start-up web-based legal consultancy thought out and executed by 3 young and determined advocates. By way of this website, they seek to provide legal professional services to each and every individual in a transparent manner and at a price that can be affordable to all. Iखावी is a web-based platform that seeks to be accessible to all. “Iखावी Online Legal Consultancy is a start-up web-based platform that seeks to bring each and every legal service as accessible as within a single click of the mouse. They have made this website, keeping the current situations and the economic reasonability and have made it our motto to provide easy and affordable legal solutions by virtual approach.

About the Blog

The Ikhavi legal corner is a blog designed for readers from both legal and non-legal backgrounds, making the understanding of law simple for all. For the same reason, they wish to call upon students and scholars to send in their entries to make the blog wider than possible. In order to make their blog, more intellectual than can be and to provide a platform to law students, legal professionals, and law scholars, they have decided to initiate a friendly competition, wherein participants can submit entries to be published on the legal corner and if our editors like the topic and are intrigued by the article, the same would be published in the legal corner of our website, in exchange for a small fee.


They wish to provide the participants, a wide range of possibilities while drafting entries for writing the blog and therefore, at present, they are accepting entries on any Contemporary Legal Topic. They believe that each student or such scholar should be provided with a platform to hone their skills of developing opinions while learning how to draft, wherein the latter would be achieved by providing positive advice on how to successfully conduct research and draft an insightful article/blog.

Submission Guidelines

For being eligible to submit the entries for the blog, a student/scholar/professional would be required to submit their topic of interest along with their basic details including their name, designation and contact details to the email id “consult[at]” for the approval of their editorial committee, which will then be subject to the approval of the latter. After the participant attains the said approval, they would be required to send their articles to the aforementioned email address for further scrutiny by the committee. At this stage, if the entry is selected, the author will be required to submit a small fee and send in the confirmation with a small bio on the official email address.  At the end of the process, the entry of the participant will be published in the legal corner of our website along with the bio of the student/professional/scholar.

Important Dates

  • 15 August 2020: Date by which the student/scholar shall send the topic of their interest for the approval of our editorial committee, which will then be subject to the approval of the latter.
  • 30 August 2020: Date by which the student/scholar/professional shall send their articles for the same to undergo scrutiny by the editorial committee.


Email ID: [email protected]


The official website of Iखावी is given here. is now on Telegram. Follow us for regular legal updates and judgements from the court. Follow us on Google News, InstagramLinkedInFacebook & Twitter. You can also subscribe for our Weekly Email Updates. Libertatem Group does not take any responsibility for the accuracy of this Event Notification. The post has been shared as we received it from the event organizers/host.


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