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The Bombay High Court Dismisses the Petition and Holds That the Court Need Not Adopt Different Reasoning Merely Because Such an Alternative Is Possible

Excerpt The petition sought to assail the order passed under Section 17 by a Sole Arbitrator where the Sole Arbitrator declined to grant the relief sought in the application under Section 17. The matter involved a dispute between the partners of the firm regarding the contribution of funds from personal

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Struction, Functions and Committees of the Bar Council of India

The Bar Council of India is a statutory body that was created and established by Parliament under the Advocates Act, 1961 to regulate the legal practice and legal education in India. It regulates legal education and professional standards in India including directing the State Bar Councils, standardising law education and

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Can Indians Have Two Wives: A Primer Before UCC

Author’s Adarsh Handral’s article explains the current state of civil code prior to the Uniform Civil Code being contemplated today. The practice of having more than one wife prevailed in ancient India. In modern times, The Hindu Marriage Act, applicable to the majority of Indians, prohibits its practice and declares

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History of Cyber Terrorism

Meaning The world around us is evolving faster and at rapidly along with development in technology. The use of technology is gaining large importance. Cyberspace in the current world is falling into the hands of terrorists. There is a term known as cyber terrorism which is a combination of cyber

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Education Expectations and Gender Bias in India

In India, the better quality education expectations have been still seen as a dream to many poor or financially incapable. what we expect from the Indian government is that to provide a basic and good education system to all people irrespective of their financial status. Gender equality in India is

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Supreme Court Says That the Legality of the Government’s Economic Policies Is Not Subject to Legal Inquiry Unless They Are In Violation of the Statute or the Constitution.

Author:   Excerpt: The petitioner filed this appeal against an order of the High Court of Punjab and Haryana’s Division Bench in Chandigarh. The court dismissed the writ petitions, ruling that the Punjab State Co-operative Milk Producers Federation Ltd. is a state under Article 12 of the Indian Constitution. From

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Essentials of Crime

A crime is an unlawful act that is punishable under the law provided that the act fulfils the fundamental essentials of crime, i.e. Human beings, Actus Reus, Mens Rea and injury. Introduction A crime or an offence is an act that is harmful not only to the person but also

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